I decided to take 15 minutes out of my work-at-home schedule to walk with my daughter to the corner where the school bus stops for our neighborhood kids… just to soak up the scene as they started their day. What I got was a nice dose of Monday smiles, jokes, and optimism for the day ahead, not what adults tend to dwell on with the beginning of a work week. My favorite little-person opinion was: 

Do you know why I like Mondays? Because I wake up and my hair is curly, I get to have P.E., my homework is easy, it’s sunny, and we get to have family home evening tonight with all the family. I like that.


About Ryan Risenmay

Father of six kids (4 girls, 2 boys), lucky husband, and a former farm boy that now appreciates more what his parents taught. :-)

3 responses »

  1. Emily L. says:

    That’s pretty sweet! I was just thinking yesterday you hadn’t blogged in awhile. Have a great week!

  2. Clara Risenmay says:

    Sounds like she has it all figured out quite well! Now if we ALL could only be so positive. 🙂

  3. Candice says:

    I love the innocence and enthusiasm of childhood. Thanks for reminding me what Mondays can stand for.

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